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What Matters - A Podcast from Mattermost

Oct 28, 2021

What comes to mind when you hear the word accessibility? Users with disabilities? Blind folks trying to access web applications? The deaf community?

All these people may come to mind when thinking of accessibility, but to really get people on board, we need to think of the CEO one handing a mobile device while picking up a coffee in midtown Manhattan. We need to make it a personal story.

In this episode, accessibility expert and consultant Adrian Roselli sits down with our host, PJ, to discuss not just why we need accessible applications, but also how to get started and some easy tips and tools to use.

This episode also features Ben Lloyd Pearson with the Open Source News. We chat about AI platforms for 3D printing, scholarships at the OpenSSF, and Open Source licensing issues at a TV company and from a former President.