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What Matters - A Podcast from Mattermost

Jun 25, 2021

It's tradition that Mattermost hosts a conference to celebrate our successes, growth, and the passing of another great year. MatterCon has long been a part of Mattermost's community. With the changes brought by the pandemic, we began to wonder when MatterCon would happen again.

Fortunately, a team including Hanna Park, Emily Cook, Justin Reynolds, and PJ Hagerty was able to build Virtual Reality Mattercon. This episode covers some of the ideas that went into making a truly virtual conference, making it possible for Mattermost staff, contributors, and community members to work and interact like they would at MatterCon. All recorded straight from the VR MatterCon stage with a live audience!

NOTE: There are some audio discrepancies as we learned to record in VR :)